Our neighbors at the Chateau are fighting for their lives and they need our help. Late last year their building was bought and almost immediately their new landlord made plans to kick them out. Chateau tenants are families, seniors, and low-income folks who have limited options if forced to move.

    Their new landlord, Cadence Real Estate, seems to have zero worries about displacing folks who have lived in this building for decades, folks on Section 8, or even families just coming out of homelessness. They don’t seem to care that affordable housing waiting lists are years long or that they are uprooting a community, which is why we need to let them know that we care.

    Together we are a stronger force than bad landlords want us to believe. We can amplify the voices of our neighbors and help them in their fight. So, can you do 2 easy things to help?

    1. Join us at a special meeting of the Human Services, Equitable Development, and Renter Rights Committee on Saturday at 1pm,

    2. Use this easy 1-minute form to urge City Councilmembers on this committee to suport Chateau tenants.