Tenants need stable, predictable,and equitable rent increases

    Oregon, New York, and Alameda have all legalized or strengthened rent control laws this year. Seattle and Washington can do the same. With universal rent control, all tenants can finally be spared from the dread of a sudden dramatic rent hike.

    As noted by the UC Berkeley Haas Institue in their 2018 studyrent control helps curb displacement and homelessness. Additionally, their study finds that “claims that rent control has negative effects on development of new housing are generally not supported by research.” There are no excuses, we need universal rent control.

     The next step for us is to show up and give public comment at the September 10 meeting of the Human Services, Equitable Development & Renter Rights Committee at City Hallwhere rent control legislation will be introduced. Join us and be heard.

Put up a window sign!

Sometimes showing support is as easy as putting a sign in your window. We distributed 50 this week and we want you to be part of the next 50. The more windows with the signs, the more everyone in Seattle can see the need for rent control.

Can you put up a window sign?

We’ll even drop it off at your door.

Yes I want a window sign!