Who owns your building? How many code complaints does it have? Is your landlord a serial evictor?

With the Tenant Research Portal, we have compiled this information in one place. 

This Portal shows Code Complaints, Violations & Landlord Eviction History*

Locate your building and click on the colored dot to find information: 
The map currently shows registered rental units in Capitol Hill, Central District, Leschi, Madison Valley, Madison Park, Montlake, Mount Baker, and part of North Beacon Hill. We are working to expand to other neighborhoods.

Mobile users: Click on the  button and then on the gray area that pops up to view in your phone’s map app.

Researched and assembled using the following sources:

Seattle Services Portal

King County Parcel Viewer

King County Superior Court Case Search

Washington State Corporations & Charities Search

King County Property Tax Search

*Eviction data is from January 2016 – March 2019*

*Code Compliance data is from January 2015 – March 2019*

*If you don’t find your building, it was not registered with the City of Seattle Rental Registration & Inspection Program (RRIO) prior to March 2019. More information on that here.*